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Lake Management

Aquatic weed & algae control, water quality, fish stocking, fountain services and more, for residential, commercial and municipal properties

Water Feature Management

Water Features are wonderful additions to any landscape but require special care to keep them working properly, clean, and beautiful. Aquascape Environmental can help!

Stormwater Management

Detention and retention pond services, maintenance, and repairs

Fisheries Services

Fish population analysis, sport fish & grass carp stocking, liming & fertilization

Consulting Services

Lake & stream evaluations, water quality, sediment and habitat impact assessments


Stream restoration, erosion & shoreline stabilization, and native plant revegetation

AquaBlog Latest Entries

Fountains and Aerators

Have you ever been on a beach and felt a calm wash over you as the waves crashed onto the shore? Or enjoyed the soothing, repetitive rush of a mountain waterfall? The sights and sounds of water can provide a sense of relaxation and help to relieve a bit of the stress...

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Trash to Treasures

Earlier this summer we posted an article referencing the debris that we at Aquascape Environmental pick up in and around waterways as we go about our normal service activities.  Much of that material is recycled, but some of it heads to the trash dumpster. However we...

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Glowing Gobs of Goo

Imagine going on vacation and taking a night time walk on the beach and seeing water that glows. The idea seems mystical—maybe as enigmatic as the Northern Lights. It's hard to fully comprehend what it must be like to witness such a display firsthand. How can such a...

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