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In collaboration with a local subdivision, Aquascape found a way to put those discarded Christmas trees to use. Our crews went out onto the lake with a boat load of Christmas trees, ready to give their lives again to provide a home for the fish species that live there.



The cinder blocks provide the weight needed to sink the trees to the bottom of the lake. Members of the sunfish family, such as largemouth bass, bluegill, and crappies are attracted to submerged trees. Small fishes hide there for protection. Larger fishes may seek protection, or may chase the small fishes that are attracted by it.


Hopefully the fish will use this new flora to build a home and perpetuate more of their kind, overall adding to the diversity and good health of the lake. Projects like these help bring awareness to how easy it is to reduce waste and utilize what we have on hand to perpetuate new habitats in the wild.