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Have you ever been on a beach and felt a calm wash over you as the waves crashed onto the shore? Or enjoyed the soothing, repetitive rush of a mountain waterfall? The sights and sounds of water can provide a sense of relaxation and help to relieve a bit of the stress that daily life throws your way.

Installing a fountain in your lake can induce the same type of calm in our hectic world. Whether you have the opportunity to take a walk around a lake at lunchtime, or you drive by your community lake as you return home in the evening, water can be an oasis of tranquility in your otherwise busy day.

While it’s easy to see the serenity and beauty that a fountain adds to a lake, there is a whole world of good going on below the surface as well. Aquatic fountains and other types of aeration systems provide many benefits for the health of a lake as well as the fauna within it. Just as we need air to breathe, adequate dissolved oxygen is an essential element for maintaining good water quality. Fountains and aeration systems work to increase the overall oxygen level in the water column of the lake; this is primarily the result of the of water column circulation at the lake’s surface. The increase in dissolved oxygen serves to enhance the micro-fauna (microbe) population within the water column, which in turn helps to break down organic matter and other pollutants, thereby improving the quality of the water.

In addition to improving the quality of the water, adequate oxygen levels are essential for aquatic life. Like us, fish need oxygen to survive; if oxygen levels fall too low, a fish kill can occur. Improving the overall oxygen levels in a water body helps to enhance the fisheries productivity of the lake by expanding the depth of the oxygenated water within the water column — resulting in better angling opportunities.
The ecosystem of a lake is a very complex, dynamic natural system that can be subject to many negative influences in the urban environment setting. Installing a fountain or aeration system can enhance both your own inner peace and the inner health of your lake.

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