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Fisheries Services


After a hard week at work, there’s nothing more fulfilling for some of us than a relaxing weekend spent wetting a line in your private pond, in the hopes of battling a monster largemouth or busting some bream. Other folks just want to ensure that their pond is in a healthy, balanced state for when their children catch their first fish. We can help. We provide comprehensive fisheries management services including fish stocking, electro-fishing population analysis, and lime and fertilizer applications. We can even analyze the mercury content of your fish to ensure they’re safe to eat!

Fertilization Programs/ Fish Feeding:

No matter what species of fish your pond supports, Aquascape Environmental can determine the correct feed and fertilizer to enhance the population.

Lime Applications:

The use of lime prior to fish stocking serves to sterilize the water and increase the available nutrients; it also stabilizes the pH of the pond.

Habitat Enhancements:

Aquascape Environmental uses sustainable, safe implements to expand your pond’s natural environment to more effectively support your fish population.

Fish Stocking:

Aquascape Environmental stocks grass carp and other fish species best suited to your pond’s size and needs.

Electro-Fishing Surveys:

An Electro-Fishing survey sends a weak electric current through a body of water in order to momentarily stun the existing fish in order to measure the relative size and abundance of a fish population.